New Patients

Your Initial Appointment

During your first appointment with Dr. Greenman you will be meeting directly with him for either an hour or an hour and a half, depending upon the complexity of your case. The early part of your appointment will be spent reviewing the history of your presenting problem, your medical history, past psychiatric history, family history, developmental history (development from prenatal to birth, up through age 18), and time to cover you or your child’s social history. The latter (social history) covers areas that include your life time history of living situations, school & academic history, drug & alcohol history, any history of abuse, religious background, legal history, and environmental factors affecting your mental health.

Review of questionnaires and screens filled out by the patient and their family will also be a part of your initial assessment, and be a factor in arriving at a diagnosis and development of a comprehensive treatment plan.

During the final part of your appointment Dr. Greenman will cover his assessment, review the results of your initial screens and questionnaires completed, and give you a diagnostic impression. He will go over treatment options and recommendations.

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